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Castro is dying and the people of Cuba face an uncertain future. Hector Sedeno, a priest and outspoken opponent of Castro's regime, looks forward to a future free of dictatorship. He is prepared to call on his people to take control as soon as Castro dies. But the Minister of Security, Alejo Vargas, has very different ideas - he want to rule Cuba after Castro. The ace up his sleeve is a battery of Scud missiles left behind by the Soviets, missiles now armed with biological warheads and aimed at American cities. Then Castro dies. And Vargas steals a shipload of biological weapons. As Havana goes critical, it is up to Rear Admiral Jake Grafton and CIA agent William Henry Chance to try to prevent the launch of the missiles - and the destruction of Cuba's hopes and dreams.

Author(s) Book :Stephen Coonts
Publish Year :1970 Publisher :
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