The Tyranny of the Two-Party System

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Unable to predict either the rise of smack-down artist Jesse Ventura to the Minnesota governorship or the outcome of the 2000 presidential election, some political scientists are retreating to scholasticism. Red flags need to be raised since it is nearly always predictable that when the electoral world disappoints, political scientists will turn to utopian critiques of America's constitutional system or its two-party system-bedrocks of democracy. Despite the catchy title, this book fits into this mode. Disch (political science, Univ. of Minnesota) is the author of Hannah Arendt and the Limits of Philosophy. Her new book grows out of dissatisfaction with modern electoral politics. Disch participated in the disappointing efforts of the Twin Cities Area New Party (TCANP), an offshoot of a leftist alternative to the Democratic Party. She concludes that the two-party system shortchanges the promise of American democracy. A broader historical perspective may have proven useful, however. Many readers may find this critique too utopian and abstract; its title promises an overview of what is wrong with America's two-party system, but it is instead a case study of presidential politics in St. Paul, MN. An optional purchase for academic libraries. William D. Pederson, Louisiana State Univ., Shreveport Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.


"Disch's book is strong and unique as it strays from many of the traps that plague third-party literature. Her book does not focus solely on a single party in an attempt to generalize from a unique example, nor does it fall prey to the "easy answer" syndrome: telling the reader why a third party erupted and why it could no longer retain its electoral viability. Disch presents a refreshingly unconventional take on American party history that is unique within this genre of party literature." -- Spencer Jones, Congress and the Presidency

"Disch argues for the legal acceptibility of 'fusion' tickets in which candidates can appear on ballots as nominees of more than one party." -- Choice

"Fascinating and colorful" -- Brian Doherty, Reason

"[T]his book is a critique of the current partisan organization of American politics, its legal and institutional underpinnings, and a celebration of 'third party' alternatives to the political status quo... Disch provides both an interesting story of one reform effort and an enlightening analysis of how the status quo came to be." -- Keith E. Whittington, Perspectives on Politics

Author(s) Book :Lisa J. Disch
Publish Year :2002 Publisher : Columbia University Press
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 0231110340/9780231110341
Pages :214

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