The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects and Practical ActionScript

eBook Title for Download :The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects and Practical ActionScript (Format : pdf , Language : English)

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As a Web Developer who uses Flash, SitePoint’s "The Flash Anthology" will take your skills to the next level. Whether you want to create Flash navigation elements, do advanced animation, create text effects, work with video & audio or Flash forms, this book is for you. Who should buy The Flash Anthology? If you have some Flash experience, even if it’s only going through Macromedia’s Flash Tutorials, The Flash Anthology is for you. This book will help you create better, more innovative, fun, and practical effects. Steve Grosvenor, the author of The Flash Anthology, has compiled solutions to the most common Flash problems, plus some experimental effects, that are sure to inspire, motivate and educate. For your next project, get The Flash Anthology and: - Learn to use best-practice ActionScript code - Find out how to easily find and fix errors in your code - Learn to work with external data sources and Flash Forms - Plus get over 60 recipes for effects covering everything from navigation to forms

Broken down in chapters by subject and fully indexed, you can easily use the book as a reference or as an idea book for your next Website. Each solution is completely customizable and comes with suggested modifications so you can adapt them to your own projects. Use The Flash Anthology as inspiration for applications or projects, or keep it on your desk as a handy reference to dozens of the most common text, video, sound, animation and navigation ActionScripts. The Flash Anthology is divided into ten chapters, making it easy for you to access best-practice examples of the different types of effects that you’re likely to use. The tips, solutions, ActionScript and examples are divided as follows: - Navigation: Planning navigation, including examples of good and bad design plus half-a-dozen examples that you can adapt to your own projects - Animation: Timeline vs. ActionScripted animation, creating animation libraries plus practical examples of easy, intermediate and advanced animation in Flash - Text Effects: When to use them, when not to use them, plus examples of over a dozen of the most common effects including blurring, fading, sliding and natural motion effects - Sound Effects: Information on when its appropriate to use sound, tips on selecting sound clips and practical examples of triggering sound events, panning and Doppler effects and much more - Video: Capturing, importing and editing movies, creating a mini-movie viewer, optimization methods and other must-read how-to tips with examples - Flash Forms: How to design Flash Forms, validating data, handling form data and lots of practical form examples - Working with external data: An overview of working with external data and working with server-side pages, creating a simple blog reader application, storing preferences.

- Trapping & Handling Errors including common causes for errors, the debugging process, and using the Flash debugger - And lots more, including using Cascading Style Sheets in Flash, producing charts in Flash, getting your site indexed in the search engines, and more.

Author(s) Book :Steve Grosvenor
Publish Year :2004 Publisher : SitePoint Pty Ltd
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 095792187X/9780957921870
Pages :455

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